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Homeliness, beauty and serenity

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Enter a house where time passes slower, in a tempo that has been forgotten. This is a place, where serenity lives.

In the halls of Manor, luxury is entwined with homeliness. A friendly and professional staff helps maintain a relaxed atmosphere, which conjures up an unforgettable wedding day for the couple. The guests, due to the hospitality and warmth, will feel truly welcome. The hotel says about itself: »We are easy to love because we are sincere in what we do«. The Manor truly comes to live in such a special event, along with its staff.

A tradition of revival of times past inspires our chefs to prepare excellent dishes according to the tried and true recipes of our predecessors. A pampering of the senses continues as you taste a selection of wines of the well known Slovenian wine producers and leaves a mark as a wonderful memory.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

The wedding is the day of your dreams and if you wish to make the dreams come true, this is the right place. In all times of years, it is at your disposal and it has a location for weddings for every season.

  • 1In springtime months on a lawn full of blooming daisies.
  • 2In the early summer, under a blossoming apple tree.
  • 3In the autumn in Hana's garden, full of hydrangeas in full bloom.

A wonderful, festive atmosphere, offered by the ancient manor, is the right place for romantic weddings.

After the finished wedding ceremony, you don't need to drive anywhere, as all can enjoy the hospitality of the Manor. The wedding party may be held in a bih hall, and when the time is right for weddings outdoors, beautiful garden, full of blooming hydrangeas and roses, is at your disposal.