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Wonderful romantic villa with a view of the sea

Photos by Samo Rovan

Wonderful villa, built in the time of the Venetian republic, unites a restaurant, boutique hotel and a modern gambling casino in its lower rooms, all under one roof. Villa is located on a small hill and is considered a true pearl of the Slovenian coast. Villa is known mainly for its fairy tale like stone terrace, surrounded by pine and cypress trees. From it, one has a beautiful view of the sea.

Villa is also known for its exceptional dishes, carrying a hint of the traditional Istrian culinary tradition and fashionable accomplishment of the modern cuisine. Various menus are offered, all relative to the season, as they wish to offer you only the freshest gifts of our environment.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

Villa, in the embrace of Mediterranean greens, with a view of the sea, a beautiful terrace with an open fireplace, intimate inner restaurant, offers gastronomic pleasures, laced with the harmony of food and wine of its house masters, which poses the skills to suit every single guest.

This is the only place in Slovenia which may offer such a wedding. A civil wedding with a view of the wavy sea, at the lawn of a beautiful villa. In the summer, you may treat your guests on the beautiful Mediterranean terrace with a view of the Koper bay.

Villa offers:

  • 1The most beautiful stone terrace at the Slovenian coast, surrounded with Mediterranean greens and a view on the entire Koper bay
  • 2Excellent culinary offer
  • 3Spacious parking lot
  • 4Intimate inner restaurant
  • 514 double bed rooms with modern interior design
  • 6Gambling salon Casino
  • 7Friendly and hospitable staff
  • 8Professionalism and reliability when carrying out an event