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Breathtaking views, romantic scene ... a perfect setting for your mountain wedding.

Photos by Aperturia Weddings

Is your dream wedding a destination event in the mountains? Mountain weddings have rustic charm, gorgeous landscapes, and can feel very intimate, even if the wedding is larger.

A wedding in Slovenian mountain cottage sounds pretty amazing and this wedding location is the perfect example of how amazing a mountain wedding can be. Wedding with a mountain backdrop is stunning and this wedding location has the most gorgeous views.

Miles away from the seemingly derailed world, almost next to the spring of emerald Soča river, just below the summits of Triglav one of the jewels of the Trenta valley is hidden – the cottage. If the Earth’s surface had a beginning, this would be its end. The silence is broken only by a rustling sound of wind and a murmuring sound of the vivid river that has been forming this hidden valley in the Alps for centuries.

The moment you arrive at this wedding location in the mountain you step back in time. A time when rocking chairs donned everyone's porches and when families and friends gathered every Sunday for lunch. Maybe it’s the breezy trees, or perhaps it’s in the open daisys pastures, it might even be the babbling river, but there is an undeniable spirit of comfort and charm that will enchant you and your guests.

The cottage is ideal for weddings, wedding showers, private dinners, brunches, luncheons and more! So please, come and celebrate in the mountains!