The Wedding Reception

Once all the formalities of the ceremony are over your wedding reception is your time to relax with your guests, let your hair down and party! You want it to be enjoyable for your guests while saying something about you, whether from your choice of décor, or the wedding breakfast or both. Ideally, your reception should reflect the overall style or theme of your wedding in Slovenia: ultimately it’s time to treat your guests to a great party: to feed, refresh and reward them for coming to celebrate your special day.

With a little imagination and the right wedding decorations, you can create the wedding reception of your dreams. Bringing together the perfect combination of colors, flowers, fabrics, lighting and wedding accessories can create a simply stunning backdrop to your wedding reception in Slovenia.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

1. Theme and Style of Your Wedding Reception

Beyond the basic banquet hall, an overwhelming array of reception site options exists. From country clubs to mansions to museums, each set the stage for a specific style of event. Before deciding, determine the type of wedding you would like to host.

Today’s wedding receptions are about personality and creativity. This is your once-in-a-lifetime event – and a costly one at that. Take advantage of your time in the spotlight to put together a wedding reception event that really shines. Consider your personal style. Do you want your wedding in Slovenia to be a reflection or a departure from that? Just because you tend to be more city-chic does not mean you can’t throw a country-style foot stomping hoe down of a wedding (it can be done in an equally fabulous manner – we promise!).

Put some thought into this, and envision your perfect wedding reception. The theme and style you wish to reflect will help dictate the type of reception site you choose. Remember that options abound beyond hotel ballrooms, banquet halls, and country clubs. Also consider mansions and historic sites, museums, or parks. The sky is the limit!

2. Location of Your Wedding

Where do you want to get married? Don’t be afraid to consider something different or unexpected. Perhaps the style or theme of your event will dictate the location – a tiki-style hut by the beach, a rustic farmhouse in the country, a posh ballroom overlooking a metropolitan cityscape.

3. Wedding Size

No matter how beautiful a place may be, if you anticipate a guest list of 100, cramming them into a facility that seats 30 will quickly turn an elegant affair into a mob of angry guests. Most reception sites make setting capacity information readily available. Make sure to differentiate the capacities for the type of reception you envision (seated dinner, buffet, cocktail reception etc.). There may also be different capacity based on the setting with or without a dance floor.


The two biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding reception will involve the venue and the food and drink. We have some of the best wedding reception venues in Slovenia. We will help you choose whether to go for an indoor reception, an outdoor marquee or an unusual or special interest venue. Once you’ve chosen your venue we’ll help you decorate it, inspire you with table decorations and how to match your table to your overall style or theme.


The food and drink you serve during your reception and for your wedding breakfast are where most of your budget will be spent – so it’s important to get it right. Read on for advice on choosing your wedding breakfast menu and ideas for alternative style receptions such as fun summer barbeques, simple finger buffets, vegan weddings or long twelve course extravaganzas!

Wedding Catering
Once you’ve figured out whether you’re holding a lunch, dinner or desert reception, you will need to focus on the type of service.
Wedding Music
Music for your ceremony and reception has the ability to enhance emotions and create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.
Wedding Cake
Every wedding cake is the center of attention at a wedding reception. Your cake should reflect your tastes and complement the food at the reception.
Wedding Ceremony
You have a date in mind and you've determined how formal or casual you'd like your wedding to be, it's time to think about the ceremony.