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Magical beginning of a life together

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Postojna and Predjama offer many possibilities for wedding ceremonies. If you wish an exclusive event, you may choose the Postojna Cave or the medieval Predjamski castle. Some like the Modrijan's mill. The advantage of Postojna is also the immediate proximity of the Jama manor.

Modrijan's Mill

Modrijan's Mill with its 400 years old image is an extremely attractive building with a wedding hall where you will be accompanied to with a glass of champagne.

Postojna Cave

Exclusive, magical, unforgettable wedding in the Postojna cave – with its uniqueness, it offers an unforgettable backdrop for a wedding ceremony. There is a space for wedding ceremonies, named »at the Belvedere«, in immediate vicinity of the concert hall.

Jama Manor

Wedding festivities can continue at the Jama Manor, a culinary paradise. You may choose either a wedding lunch or a night time celebration in the pleasant privacy of the halls of the Jama Manor, which is located by the entrance of the Postojna Cave.

Predjama Castle

Not too far from the Postojna cave, by the idyllic village Predjama, high in the rock wall, the Predjama castle watches over the area. Interesting and romantic throughout the year: in the summer and spring its surroundings are in bloom, in the autumn it is clad in the colours of the woods around it, but it is especially magic in the wintertime, when the landscape is coloured white by snow. The castle was first mentioned as early as 1202.

Picturesque, mighty, challenging, mysterious and unconquered castle is built into the vertical, 123 meters high rocky wall and reigns there for over 700 years. Its romantic appearance is complemented by the idyllic small river Lokva, which sinks into the underground deep under the castle.

The most famous inhabitant of the castle was certainly the knight Erasmus of Predjama, who rebelled against the emperor's self serving ways in the 15th century. Many legends of him still live, glorifying him on one hand as a passionate, attractive, noble knight, yet on the other illustrating him as a bandit, robber baron, who had finally been caught by death at a toilet. The castle can be accessed from one side only, but a legend tells that Erasmus the bandit had been getting food and drink through a secret tunnel, which leads from the old castle to the surface. Meanwhile, the emperor's army sieged his castle for a year and a day with no success. Erasmus only fell due to a trick by his adversary and a servant that had been bribed.

Today, you are introduced to the history of the castle and its former owners in the entrance tower. Among the equipment in the other parts of the castle, you will be able to see original items, as well as copies and models. The richest in terms of the equipment is the knight room, in the dining room you will learn about the castle life in the late gothic era. The renaissance hall on the third floor offers an exhibition of hunting trophies of the last castle owner, duke Windischgrätz. From May to September you can also visit the picturesque Cave under Predjama castle. Due to the placement and suitable temperature, it has interesting inhabitants – a colony of bats, thus entry to the cave during their hibernation is not possible.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

Couples may choose between a classic wedding or a medieval protocol, which involves the reception and promenade of the host Erasmus of Predjama with entourage. To make the event even more solemn, a string trio may play. Another distinguishing point of the medieval wedding is the ancient tradition of weaving a strand of the groom's hair into the bride's wedding band, a gift for the occasion and the »Hipokras potion of Predjama« for luck in love.

For the wedding lunch or evening festivities, the Jama Manor is a great choice, a culinary and event centre in front of the entrance to the Postojna cave. Various sizes of halls can accommodate large and small groups, and due to the possibilities of combination, there will be no awkward moments if there are more than 200 guests.