Our Finest Selection for Wedding in Slovenia

There are hundreds of wedding venues in Slovenia, and it can be very difficult to decide which is the perfect place to get married. From country-cool farm houses to chic city hotels, whatever your personal wedding style we've found a dreamy venue for you. After all, it's one of the most important days of your life! If you decide you want to get married outside here is a list of our most romantic and beautiful wedding venues in Slovenia. Many of these venues feature outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Lake Bled

Bled, especially its island, has been attributed with magical powers since times long past and it is no coincidence, that it is a very popular location for wedding ceremonies. Couples in love from the entire world come here to seal their love in this magical surrounding and vow eternal loyalty to one another. A coach ride, champagne at the lakeside, a wedding ceremony with a view of the Bled island, the bell of wishes – all of these can be moments from your magical wedding at Bled.

Kempinski Palace Portorož

The Hotel Kempisnki Palace Portorož is a mighty beauty on the Slovenian coast which offers a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is the one for which you want the memories to last forever, so every moment has to be perfect. Its architecture allows various options in the wedding reception and ceremony scenarios.

Pule Estate

Beautiful environment of the estate with all the accompanying objects, a barn, a hay rack, a wine cellar, a spa and romantic bungalows at the edge of a forest, all offer an ideal location for one, single, long moment of love. A red carpet or flowers spread over the ground will lead you to the place where you will swear eachother eternal love. The sounds of zyther, violin, saxophone or simply birdsong can be ideal companions for a wedding ceremony.

Otočec Castle

Could you wish more for your wedding day than a celebration among medieval walls, radiating the charm of modernity? And where the guests feel like royalty... If you wish to feel like royalty on your wedding day, Otočec is an ideal spot for your royal, romantic and unforgettable wedding. For the first steps on your common life path to be truly unforgettable, you may chose among various wedding protocols.

Breathtaking views and romantic scene

Is your dream wedding a destination event in the mountains? Mountain weddings have rustic charm, gorgeous landscapes, and can feel very intimate, even if the wedding is larger. A wedding in Slovenian mountain cottage sounds pretty amazing and this wedding location is the perfect example of how amazing a mountain wedding can be. Wedding with a mountain backdrop is stunning and this wedding location has the most gorgeous views.

The pearl of the Slovenian Karst

If you are looking for a charming and elegant way to celebrate your love is this location just for you. This wedding ceremony venue is absolutely stunning and it is one of the oldest settlements in Karst, as the hill on which it is located was settled already in ancient history.

Stunning. Pristine. Unforgettable.

The white castle, which is reflected in a guiet pond with ducks, surrounded by a large park with avenues of trees and glades. A castle land of unspoiled beauty where castle are kissed by trees, is one of the most unique and intimate spot for wedding in Slovenia.

Beautiful Ancient Monastery

Here, you will exchange your vows under open skies, surrounded by the walls of an ancient monastery and a forest in the background. The couples that wish to add a church wedding to the civil one may head off to the small church. The unforgettable day may be concluded with a carefree celebration with music and dance under the open skies.

Stud Farm

The wedding is an important moment, both for the newlyweds as for the relatives and friends. The beautiful stud farm offers you several locations for the ceremony in the open. Beside the civil ceremony according to the Lipica wedding protocol at the chosen location, there is also the possibility for a church wedding at the chapel of St. Anton of Padua or in the Valley of the Luri Mother of God.

Villa with a view of the sea

Wonderful villa, built in the time of the Venetian republic, unites a restaurant, boutique hotel and a modern gambling casino in its lower rooms, all under one roof. Villa is located on a small hill and is considered a true pearl of the Slovenian coast. Villa is known mainly for its fairy tale like stone terrace, surrounded by pine and cypress trees. From it, one has a beautiful view of the sea.

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