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Spa Wedding – inspires life

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The municipality with slightly more than 2000 inhabitants is distinguished by a rich cultural and natural heritage, reaching far into history. It has gained renown for its mineral water spring, and the location is one of the oldest spas in Slovenia.

»I have seen much of the world but this is the place I dreamt of. This heavenly useful spa inspires strength, meditative peace in me,« wrote Franc Ks. Kajetan pl. Dienersberg to his friend in Graz in the distant year 1814.

It is difficult to find a part of the world where urbanisation did not rudely interfere with nature and take from it a large part of its primal image, as well as estrange man. There is such a corner of the world. Here, you will find people who open the door to a traveller or casual guest, inviting them into a home full of homeliness and hospitality. We do not enforce our attention to a lonely hiker who seeks peace in the varied and picturesque landscape, to find solitude, to encounter themselves, but we will be happy to converse with them if only they indicate that it is what they wish.

Without a doubt, the source of the healing water is what magically attracts people, as well as the highly professional health team, using natural factors in harmony with modern medical – rehabilitation procedures and programmes. All of this and more can be found in Slovenia.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

The civil ceremony takes place in the intimate surroundings of the wedding hall in the Villa Higiea. It can also be carried out in the open, in the small summer pavilion at the end of the 200 year old chestnut tree avenue, or in a tent in the middle of the park. From the church of Mary's Assumption, nearby, the newlyweds can take a coach ride to the park, have impressive photographs taken in the embrace of unspoiled nature and beautiful architecture. The dancing music will carry the couple into the hall of the Spa Home, where up to 120 guests may be entertained.

Unforgettable wedding festivities at the location last to the morning hours, but the newlyweds can of course retire before that. They are gifted a night and late breakfast at the hour they choose. The first day as a married couple may be spent enjoying various pampering and dedicated to one another.

Suggestions of wedding menus have been prepared, but the couple may also be helped to assemble their own menu. Our conductors of culinary symphonies will ensure that all your senses will be spoiled.