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Wedding in Ljubljana Castle

»Ljubljana is a people – friendly city« is a claim made both by its citizens and travellers from various other countries. In spite of it being among the medium sized European cities, it maintains the friendliness of a smaller city and yet offers everything that larger capitals do. Ljubljana is a very unique city, full of picturesque and pleasant locations, where many small surprises may be encountered. While its dreamy central European character is more evident in the winter, Ljubljana in the summertime is all about Mediterranean laid back lifestyle. Ljubljana is a city, where there is no lack of couples in love and interesting individuals.

Ljubljana is located in the middle of Slovenia, and due to its location, is a great starting point for the exploration of various beautiful sights of Slovenia. In a single day, you may visit the seaside or the high mountains and experience the Mediterranean, alpine and continental climate. In the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana, you will find many beautiful natural features and cultural sights which are all a testimony to the dynamic history of Slovenia, as well as many recreational, hiking and cycling paths and the delicious traditional cuisine.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

Let your wedding fairy tale begin in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. You will walk from your hotel to the beautiful Ljubljana Castle. Before your ascent to the castle, you will have an interesting crossing of the Butcher's Bridge, where you can confirm your love by locking a padlock onto its fence and thus letting the passersby know how unique and unforgettable your love is...

After a lively walk through the city centre, you will enter a cable car at the foot of the castle hill and be taken to the very heart of the Ljubljana Castle itself. It is so interesting and full of variety that every couple finds the right hall for their wedding in it. And it still offers more interesting locations to take pictures at and thus save memories of Your special day...

Besides the official wedding halls, your »I do« can also be spoken in other larger halls of the Ljubljana Castle.

Wedding celebration

Let the wedding celebration go on all night at the Ljubljana castle in one of the many beautiful castle halls. Palatium, Guild Hall and Friderik's Tower will shape an unforgettable story with their space and Your energy even when many people are to be accommodated.

Church wedding ceremony

The newlyweds may decide to have a church ceremony in the beautiful gothic st. George's Chapel within the premises of Ljubljana Castle.