Wedding Music

Your Wedding day is a celebration of the love that you have for each other, witnessed by your family and friends who have shared in your individual and combined life’s journey so far. It is an occasion filled with joy and happiness as well as romance, every element being a reminder of the way you express your love for each other, this being unique to every person and couple.

Your selection of music for your ceremony and reception has the ability to enhance these emotions and create the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Just every song from the bridal entrance at your ceremony to your first dance as husband and wife to your farewells at your reception can help enhance and create a memorable occasion, the selection of an appropriate ensemble using professional and experienced musicians can also add that special something to make your day remembered for a long time.

You’ll remember the music and songs played at your wedding in Slovenia for years to come. Whether you have a harpist, a string quartet, pianist opera singer, band, DJ, CD or sing yourself, the songs played at your wedding will remind you of your big day forever. Your music choices and songs that you wish to play pre, during and post wedding ceremony should be chosen in advance and in most cases need to be sent over to your registrar or parish prior to your wedding day – even if you choose to play wedding songs on a CD.

Wedding Ceremonies

Add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding ceremony in Slovenia with experienced musicians. As a part of this package music will be provided at a wedding ceremony for up to an hour, including music prior to and at the conclusion of the ceremony as guests arrive and leave.

Here’s a rundown of the ‘types’ of music chosen for your wedding in Slovenia ceremony.


Typically you should choose 4-5 songs for when guests are entering the ceremony location. These provide background music and can set the tone for your event. A light-hearted celebratory tune will get guests into the mood. These songs are also known as the prelude and usually start about 20 minutes before the stated ceremony start time.


Next up is choosing a song for your walk down the aisle, otherwise known as the processional. Some weddings may have a different song for the bridesmaids to the bride, signaling the importance of the bride’s entry and giving her a dramatic moment.


During the ceremony, you might choose to have special songs play. Known as the interlude, this part of the ceremony can be a great place to put more of your special songs that are personal to you. You may even choose to have a close family member of friend sing a song that’s special to you.


Walking back down the aisle is one of the happiest parts of a wedding day - the music should be upbeat, vibrant and celebratory! This is known as the recessional.


As the guests leave the church or ceremony venue and gather outside, more music plays. This is known as the prelude. The songs picked for this should be joyous and with a happy beat.

Wedding Receptions

Create the ideal atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on our guests with the hiring of a live band for the beginning of your wedding reception or engagement party. Have your guests relax and share their favorite moments of your wedding ceremony and memories of days gone by to the sounds of a live jazz duo or trio whilst enjoying canapés and cocktails or set the scene for a night of sophistication and culture with a classical duo or trio.

Wedding Catering
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Wedding Reception
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Wedding Ceremony
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