Wedding Locations by the sea

Embrace the simplicity and affordability of having your wedding dreams meet our beautiful wedding locations in Slovenia. Our professional wedding coordinators attend over the small details so you can relax and enjoy your wedding by the sea. We offer lots of wedding packages to help with your planning and budgeting.

Hotel Kempinski Portorož

Other Wonderful places for Destination Wedding in Slovenia

Vows by the sea

A wedding by the sea. In a place of miracles, legends and special energies, with a view to the endless blue of the sea and a sunrise. After an unforgettable ceremony, celebrate with your guests right by the sea or at the stony terrace there, protected by the embrace of the large Mediterranean trees.

Among wide fields and unspoiled nature

A wedding ceremony must be magical and the Sečovlje salt pans are the right choice if you wish to conjure up a fairy tale atmosphere. In the regional park, far from the hustle and bustle of every day life, you may enjoy an intimate, romantic wedding ceremony at sunset.

Villa with a view of the sea

Wonderful villa, built in the time of the Venetian republic, unites a restaurant, boutique hotel and a modern gambling casino in its lower rooms, all under one roof. Villa is located on a small hill between Ankaran and Debeli Rtič and is considered a true pearl of the Slovenian coast. Villa is known mainly for its fairy tale like stone terrace, surrounded by pine and cypress trees. From it, one has a beautiful view of the sea.

Terrace with a beautiful view of the sea

Would you like to arrive to your wedding ceremony with a small boat, then take a ride in an old time car to your hotel. It is all possible if you decide to set your wedding location in Piran. Your wedding ceremony will take place at the hotel terrace with a beautiful view of the sea and Piran. Since broken glass brings luck, the waiter will open your bottle of champagne with a knife.

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