The Wedding Cake

Every wedding cake is the center of attention at a wedding reception. Gone are the days of traditional fruit cake. Modern brides are now using chocolate, carrot and even mud cakes. Whatever you choose, your cake should reflect your tastes and complement the food at the reception.

The wedding cake nowadays is well used as desert at weddings; so why not plan yours in such a way that your guests will love every bite and get some variety as well?

A single fruitcake alone cannot achieve this, so some additional layers may be necessary

Whatever you decide to do with your cake, make sure you have some aspect of the actual cake that marks it as your wedding cake. This is the part you guys as the couple cut and share, so it does have a great deal of importance. Be sure to point out to your photographer which part of a multi cake set-up you consider to be your wedding cake.

The best way to serve lots of guests might be with a multi-layered cake. Bakeries do offer great cakes where every layer is practically a different cake on itself, yet it forms part of your complete wedding cake. This way you can assure that all tastes are catered for.

Bear in mind that cakes made from different media may not work well. A great example is a cream cake combined with an ice cream cake. The wedding cake does sit out in the open for quite a long time, so anything that needs constant refrigeration may be problematic when it forms one of your layers.

Serving your cake can also be a very entertaining moment during your wedding as you cut and serve your guests personally. The laughter and fun ads such warmth to what may otherwise be quite a clinical process of feeding people. Serving your cake at the end of a great meal will bring an intimacy to your wedding that cannot be matched.

After guests got a slice of cake they chose from you, they are lead to a table with cream, custard, fruit and coffee to accompany their cake. Consider this as an option when you look at the massive amounts of pudding being thrown away at weddings. It seems that some puddings simply do not get any attention whilst others fly of the table. It is virtually impossible to know what will work and what not, so avoid waste and keep to cake.

Be the considerate bride and have cake ready for guests that cannot eat ordinary cake. If you know your auntie Vera suffers from diabetes, watch her face light up as you bring out her special slice of cake. Wedding cakes are meant to be shared and enjoyed, so do just that at your wedding in Slovenia.

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