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The Pule Estate – a wedding between the sky and the earth

Photos by Aperturia Weddings

Beautiful environment of the estate with all the accompanying objects, a barn, a hay rack, a wine cellar, a spa and romantic bungalows at the edge of a forest, all offer an ideal location for one, single, long moment of love. A red carpet or flowers spread over the ground will lead you to the place where you will swear eachother eternal love. The sounds of zyther, violin, saxophone or simply birdsong can be ideal companions for a wedding ceremony.

Besides offering beautiful surroundings for the organisation of wedding ceremonies and celebrations, couples will never feel as simply »one of many« at the Pule Estate. Weddings are never carried out like a »conveyor belt«, which means there is only one wedding per day – your wedding.

Should you want something special, if you favor quality over quantity, if you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful and refined things... then the Pule Estate will be the ideal location for your wedding day.


Photos by Jamma

Wedding Ceremony & Party

Due to their diversity and various hidden corners, you can chose from many spots to perform the state wedding at. In good weather, the open air civil wedding can be carried out:

  • 1under the walnut tree in the yard between the houses
  • 2at the lawn in front of the house (view of beautiful nature)
  • 3at the lawn under the pine tree in the open.

In the case of bad weather, the ceremony is performed:

  • 1at a beautiful hay barn or in its internal hall
  • 2in other luxury buildings

In colder seasons or worse weather conditions, we prepare a wedding ceremony hall in one of our buildings.

Photos by Ars Foto

Should you wish a wedding in the open, up to 250 persons may be served. In the case of worse weather, the restaurant »Pod Skednjem« can sit up to 60 and the banquet hall up to 80 persons. A tent is set up to accommodate more (for an additional fee).

Spoil yourselves after the wedding celebration

Being spoiled in the spa centre which is a part of the estate and is placed among the comfortable, luxurious apartments, will give you a fresh boost of energy. Relax in one of the nine exclusive apartments and let your dreams be free. The beautiful scent of birch logs in the fireplace will carry you into dreamy moments between heaven and earth, when all the time is dedicated to nobody but you.