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Dream Wedding in Slovenia – what it is?

A dream wedding in Slovenia is one that is well-planned and well-thought out, and implemented without a hitch. But more than that, the details of the wedding are exquisite, making it utterly special and memorable not just for the couple but also their loved ones celebrating the wedding with them. The atmosphere of joy and total enjoying of the happy event that is beautifully set up is unmistakable.

Something Special…

After planning and attending so many weddings, we feel that a wedding is truly special and unique when loved ones contribute in the planning or on the big day. It can be the simple things like a heartwarming speech by a good friend, a performance or a quickly quiz about the couples. Handmade items and favors by the couple add a really personal touch to the wedding that cannot be replicated anywhere else, making their wedding truly meaningful and memorable.

A Wedding is Truly Special and Unforgettable When Loved Ones Contribute to Big Day

Weddings are most special when guest, or the couples themselves, get involved in the entertainment and other programming aspects. We are always encouraging our couples to get their friends in on the entertainment for their reception. It can be anything from a pre-wedding video, a dance performance or a musical presentation. We are more than happy to provide any assistance in putting them together!

What is a Common Misconcception About Planning a Dream Wedding?

Many couples think that they need a huge budget for the wedding of their dreams. While it is true that they need to know much they can and are willing to spend, the actual fact is that they just need to know what elements they would like for their wedding and work around their budget.

Couple Should Know About Planning a Wedding in Slovenia

The one think we always find ourselves sharing with our couples is this: stay focused on the most important things to you. Prioritizing your wedding budget is essential to avoid getting distracted from what is important. And, while it is nice to have friends and family give you advice about planning your wedding and share their experiences, know the different between advice and opinions that might divert you from your objectives. It is your big day so you should be the one to decide on what you want. On your wedding day, keep a positive attitude and just be happy because, believe it or not, what and how you are feeling will affect the mood or atmosphere at the events of your big day. And we don’t want to capture glum expressions on camera!

We Take Care Of The Finer Details To Make Sure You Enjoy The Wedding Of Your Dreams

As a full-service destination wedding planner, we help couples avoid the many nightmare stories that has been seen and heard; missed cues, things lost or forgotten, miscommunications and misunderstandings with and among helpers, vendors and service providers and the like. By basically taking over all the tedious organizational work, we are able to alleviate much of the liaison and coordination work, running around and worrying from the couple. And by taking care of all matters on the actual Wedding Day, our couples are much more relaxed to enjoy themselves. We believe that the wedding day is the culmination of all the preparation work. The couple should be able to thoroughly enjoy themselves and spend quality time with their family and friends who have come to celebrate with them instead of worrying whether everything will go according to plan.

Wedding Packages in Slovenia

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