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Wedding in the Castle. Stunning. Pristine. Unforgettable.

Photos by Aperturia Weddings

The white castle, which is reflected in a guiet pond with ducks, surrounded by a large park with avenues of trees and glades. A castle land of unspoiled beauty where castle are kissed by trees, is one of the most unique and intimate spot for wedding in Slovenia. The surrounding area is charming in all seasons, even in winter, when a mysterious mist descends over the meadows.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

You can exchange vows in the caste wedding hall with a magnificent brown piano, one of the oldest in Slovenia. Hall has a beautiful view of the terrace, wooden ceiling above you and a little further glazed door through which you can see a book shop.

You will have a wedding photo shoot in the park which is comprised of quadruple-row entrance avenues and several twin-row linden tree and chestnut-lined avenues, between which are clearings with clumps of trees that lead to viewing terraces, to hidden benches, or to the sculpture of Diana.