Wedding Decoration & Details

When you imagine your wedding in Slovenia, what do you see?

Maybe you dream of exchanging vows before an intimate gathering of family and friends at sunset, followed by a chic and elegant dinner under the stars in balmy weather. You can practically see yourself at alter, taste the cuisine, smell the gardenias, and feel the music playing when you join your guests to party at the reception.

But before your wedding in Slovenia comes together with all the romance and glamour you’ve imagined, you’ll need to make decisions about details. Do you desire an elegant sit-down dinner or a fabulous cocktail party with a great DJ who keeps the party going late into the night? Will you be married in beautiful garden at the end of September or on beach with the sea crashing in the background?

With so many choices, it can be hard to decide what to choose. Now there’s no reason to get overwhelmed, because our wedding planner is by your side every step of the way.

Wedding planner recommend this approach to you - Imagine the big picture, the fill in the details, down to the smallest touch – a touch that may seem to go unnoticed by all except for the bride, it actually does produce a ripple effect; when the bride is delighted, so are the guests.

Whatever sort of event you choose – whether an intimate affair for a small group of your nearest and dearest, or a major blowout for hundreds who’ve gathered from around the globe – it’s the little things that will be remembered for years to come. It’s not about being extravagant and spending a small fortune, it’s about making the day special and ensuring that everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable.

Decoration for the Ceremony

Every bride has a vision of what she wants her ceremony to look like and how she wants to make her entrance. She might desire a fairy-tale drama with a horse-drawn carriage delivering her to the steps of cathedral; walking a path raked in the sand on a beach in the Portorož; or meandering down a serpentine aisle fashioned out of flower petals in the garden.

Whether your ceremony is fifteen minutes long or a full hour, the exchange of vows is your big moment – this is when all eyes on you and the groom, as you pledge your love and allegiance. The spot where your exchange vows draws the collective energy in the room to one point and should be pleasing to look at, conducive to photography, and designed to frame the event and hold your guests’ attention.

Almost every ceremony includes flowers. You always take into account how those arrangements relate to the other flowers used in the wedding – the bridal bouquets, reception centerpieces, boutonnieres. You don’t necessarily have to match all the blooms used this day, but staying within a color shame brings a sense of uniformity to the look and feel of your wedding in Slovenia.

Decoration for the Reception

With the ceremony behind you, it’s time to celebrate, let down your hair, and dance the night away while toasting each other with chilled Champagne or cocktails. And with all the décor choices that are available, it’s easy to think out of the box: Maybe you’d like an early-evening reception in a winery with dancing until midnight, or an elegant dinner in private estate with guests seated at one long table, or a barefoot barbecue on the beach with everyone dressed in white around huge bonfires. Your reception can be as formal as you’ve always dreamed it would be or as casual and informal as you wish.

The combination of location you select, the sunset ceremony, the gorgeous flowers in the room, the lines on the table, and all the small details will make your celebration the best it can be. The personal touches are memorable and important.

Wedding centerpieces

“How should I decorate my tables and what should I use for my centerpieces?”

Country fresh, sleek and sophisticated, charming or whimsical, centerpieces can express many moods. You choice should fit the location and the overall style of your wedding in Slovenia. A well-designed centerpiece must reflect the formality and complement the color palette of you wedding, and, of course, lush blooms will never go out of style, but we suggest you think beyond the basic flowers-in-a-glass-vase for inspiration. Here are some objects: Gilded nuts, a pile of pearls, wavy fruits, colored water, vintage holiday ornaments, and antique birdcages all make more imaginative centerpieces. Take time to create a look that will seduce guests, because successful centerpieces are more than mere decoration, they are a form of entertainment that makes a big statement, silently. Whatever style you select, remember: Fresh looks best. Be sure to arrange cut flowers no more than two days before the wedding.

Wedding Theme or Style
Whether you're a style maven or style-challenged, we will help you narrow down your wedding look and find genius decor ideas to put it all together.
Wedding Makeup & Hairstyle
Every bride wants to look sensational on the big day and having perfect hair and flawless make-up helps to make you more radiant than ever.
Wedding Stationery
It’s the first big announcement of your wedding, and lets your guests know well in advance what to expect from your big day.
Wedding Reception
Once all the formalities of the ceremony are over your wedding reception is your time to relax with your guests, let your hair down and party!