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Haven't you always dreamt of a perfect venue that could make your dearest memories last forever? Our wedding planners will help you to create an ambience of romance and gracious hospitality fitting for your wedding day. Treat yourself like a King and Queen by getting married at the Castle. It is the perfect place to kiss your new bride and enjoy your guests.

Otočec Castle– a romantic wedding on a small island

Other Wonderful places for Destination Wedding in Slovenia

Wedding in the Castle. Stunning. Pristine. Unforgettable.

The white castle, which is reflected in a guiet pond with ducks, surrounded by a large park with avenues of trees and glades. A castle land of unspoiled beauty where castle are kissed by trees, is one of the most unique and intimate spot for wedding in Slovenia.

Wedding in Ljubljana Castle

Let your wedding fairy tale begin in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. You will walk from your hotel to the beautiful Ljubljana Castle. Before your ascent to the castle, you will have an interesting crossing of the Butcher's Bridge, where you can confirm your love by locking a padlock onto its fence and thus letting the passersby know how unique and unforgettable your love is...

Wedding at the Bled Castle

The image of the Bled castle above the lake is that particular characteristic of Bled that, through the centuries, became known locally and globally. The unique location of the thousand year old building invites young couples to exchange rings and vow eternal love between the medieval walls.

Homeliness, beauty and serenity

The wedding is the day of your dreams and if you wish to make the dreams come true, this is the right place. In all times of years, it is at your disposal and it has a location for weddings for every season. A wonderful, festive atmosphere, offered by the ancient manor, is the right place for romantic weddings.

Boutique weddings in Slovenia

This castle is one of the oldest fully preserved testimonies to times past in Slovenia. It is also one of the few castle buildings which has maintained its internal features up to these very days, since the times before world war two. The most beautiful summer location is the castle garden terrace with a view over the artificial lake on one and the castle building on the other side.

A wedding with a view

Many couples in love have spoken their vows on the castle walls. Their memory of the wedding day are photographs with breath taking backgrounds. The castle ambient, the amazing view, with a special romantic note on sunset, top of the line cuisine, best wines and elegant service have made many Slovenian and foreign couples happy.

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