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Wedding in Piran

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The old port city Piran, its name originating in the Celtic word bior-dun, which should have meant »place on a hill«, but which is explained by the younger generation with the word pyr – fire, as this town was primarily a lighthouse for the ships that travelled to the nearby Greek colony Aegida in the region of today's Koper, is located at the end of the Piran peninsula, which gradually narrows down between the Strunjan and Piran bays. The peninsula ends with cape Madona, which is the conclusion of Savrin hills.

The city has kept its medieval design with narrow streets and tightly placed houses, which are laid out in a stairway form from the coastline towards the top of the hill and give the entire area its typical Mediterranean character.

Among the most beautiful parts of Piran, one can certainly count the Terrace Altana, the view from which encompasses the sea, the magic of the city and the beauty of the »guardian«, the St.Jurij church.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

Would you like to arrive to your wedding ceremony with a small boat, then take a ride in an old time car to your hotel. It is all possible if you decide to set your wedding location in Piran. At the hotel, your wedding ceremony will take place at the hotel terrace with a beautiful view of the sea and Piran. Since broken glass brings luck, the waiter will open your bottle of champagne with a knife.

After the finished ceremony, you may stay at the terrace with your guests and treat them to finger food, or pick a wedding menu from their wide selection of wedding and other festive menus.

In the case of rain or in colder days, the wedding and celebration may be moved to the restaurant with a view of the sea and an outer smokers area, distinguished by a beautiful classic fresco and access to the large terrace.