The Wedding Transportation

The wedding car is often the first thing which your guests will lay their eyes on as you make your arrival known. Cinderella arrived in a glass coach when she was married to her prince, but Singapore ladies have a range of choices which can even triumph that of the fairytale princess. Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Porche are the glass carriages of the 21st century, and Slovenia has many wedding car rental providers to turn you into that Disney princess for the day. Depending on the style of car you desire and the statement you want to make upon your arrival, consider whether the coveted stretch limo is a luxury you wish to live out, or whether the elegant Porche is for you instead. Vintage options such as the Aston Martin are getting to be popular choices.

A lot of wedding car rental companies will have a wide selection of styles, from classic Rolls-Royce to American-made muscle cars. And remember, you're free to think outside the automobile when it comes to wedding transportation in Slovenia. We've seen weddings where the couple made their getaway in boats, wagons, helicopters, and even parade floats!

Remember: Your wedding car will be in plenty of pictures, so you want to make sure you pick the right ride.

Limo or Something Else

Your wedding transportation needs are going to be determined by the locations of your ceremony, reception, and accommodations. If you’re having a destination wedding, for example, where everyone will be staying in the same resort and the ceremony and reception will take place there too, you don’t have a lot to worry about in terms of transportation. However, for most couples, figuring out how to get themselves, their wedding party, and sometimes their guests from point A to B is high on their list of planning priorities. If you want to travel in style on your wedding day in Slovenia, consider some of the following alternatives to the traditional limousine:

Here comes the Bride!

Given the cost of fuel these days, horse-drawn carriages are a pretty attractive option! In fact, horses actually produce their own gas…but you’re bound to figure this out for yourself if you end up riding behind one. That factor aside, this is a very romantic and old-fashioned option for the bride and groom’s arrival and departure from the wedding ceremony and/or reception. If you’re planning a snowy winter wedding, you could even use a sleigh! How picturesque.

Party Bus!

If you have to move a large group of people, this is an especially good choice. It might not be as glamorous as a sleek white limo, but what could be more fun than having all your friends and loved ones together, full of bubbly social lubricant, riding around in a bus with a designated driver? I say that this is a guaranteed good time, and a very safe and efficient people mover.

By Sea

If you are getting married near a body of water, there are plenty of creative ways to get to and from the wedding site. Consider sailing in, rowing with dear old dad, or even jet skiing for the extreme wedding couple…but be logical with your sporty ideas.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s the Bride?

It’s not the most economical option, but if you want to make a dramatic statement you could use a helicopter to whisk you to and fro on your wedding day.

Classic Cars

This is an original and interesting alternative to the limo, and logistically it’s just as simple. Look on for a classic car company in your area, to provide fun and fancy transportation on your big day.

Let Your Individuality Guide Your Ride

If you and your partner have a particular interest that lends itself to a creative transportation option, go with it! If you’re bikers, consider riding a tandem off into the sunset. Motorcycle lovers? Have the groom squire his bride away in a vintage sidecar (or vice versa!).

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