Wedding Locations in Slovenia | Beautiful nature

There are few more lovely settings for a wedding than Slovenian nature. Among the thousands of acres of greenery, couples can find a spot for all types of celebrations. Be it in a park, in a field or garden, outdoor weddings are so very romantic because it is like Mother Nature is lending a bit of her own glory to your wedding day. Provided you have your logistics and contingency plans worked out, your outdoor wedding can be a glorious, memorable affair. We have compiled a list of our most popular and unique wedding locations, with photos and details for each site to make your choice as easy as possible!

The Pule Estate – a wedding between the sky and the earth

Other Wonderful places for Destination Wedding in Slovenia

Wedding in the Garden – The pearl of the Slovenian Karst

If you are looking for a charming and elegant way to celebrate your love is this location just for you. This wedding ceremony venue is absolutely stunning and it is one of the oldest settlements in Karst, as the hill on which it is located was settled already in ancient history.

Breathtaking views, romantic scene ... a perfect setting for your mountain wedding.

A wedding in Slovenian mountain cottage sounds pretty amazing and this wedding location is the perfect example of how amazing a mountain wedding can be. Wedding with a mountain backdrop is stunning and this wedding location has the most gorgeous views. The cottage is ideal for weddings, wedding showers, private dinners, brunches, luncheons and more! So please, come and celebrate in the mountains!

Idyllic locations in a park for the wedding »I do«

An estate with an exceptional past can be the place of your wedding. In a large estate at the doorstep of the Alps, natural and cultural heritage reside. You may admire them in a thousand forms of plant and animal life in various environments, uniquely painted apiaries, traditional hay racks, former castle side building and orangery, collections of sculptures and other creations in the open.

Magical beginning of a life together

Couples may choose between a classic wedding or a medieval protocol, which involves the reception and promenade of the host Erasmus of Predjama with entourage. To make the event even more solemn, a string trio may play. Another distinguishing point of the medieval wedding is the ancient tradition of weaving a strand of the groom's hair into the bride's wedding band, a gift for the occasion and the »Hipokras potion of Predjama« for luck in love.

A wedding surrounded by horses

Location is more than the home of one of the most noble and elegant breeds in the world. It is a fusion of tradition, nature, history and culture in a unique Karst environment. In an environment like this, your wedding day will really be special. It is ideal for your wedding, as every Saturday weaves a new wedding story according to your wishes.

Beautiful Ancient Monastery & Restaurant

A magical wedding among the ruins of an ancient monastery. An unforgettable wedding dinner is ensured by the excellent cuisine of the restaurant. In good weather, the wedding festivities may also be held at the terrace of the restaurant. The world of heavenly tastes will be open to you through the traditional masterworks of the Slovenian cuisine in a modern rendition.

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