Wedding in the City

Churches, castles and many other places are popular wedding and wedding reception sites in Slovenia. But there are many other choices as well. Here is information on some of the best wedding and wedding reception city sites in Slovenia.

Wedding in Ljubljana Castle

Other Wonderful places for Destination Wedding in Slovenia

Wedding in a Guesthouse

Not far from the highway Celje – Maribor, in the small village, in an embrace of serenity, there is a hospitable Guesthouse. A place that awakens the senses of homeliness, freedom and absolute relaxation for the most romantic event in your life, a day, when you let your lives face new challenges and step on the path, which you will be walking together.

An Eemperor's Wedding

Experience the magic, beauty and diversity of Slovenia. After the end of the celebrations, the newlyweds retreat into a specially prepared wedding apartment, where the first wedding night may be spent with a sparkling glass of golden champagne and unforgettable moments woven into the prettiest fairy tale of their wedding day.

Spa Wedding – inspires life

It is difficult to find a part of the world where urbanisation did not rudely interfere with nature and take from it a large part of its primal image, as well as estrange man. There is such a corner of the world. Here, you will find people who open the door to a traveller or casual guest, inviting them into a home full of homeliness and hospitality.

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