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Wedding in a Guesthouse

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Not far from the highway Celje – Maribor, in the small village, in an embrace of serenity, there is a hospitable Guesthouse. A place that awakens the senses of homeliness, freedom and absolute relaxation for the most romantic event in your life, a day, when you let your lives face new challenges and step on the path, which you will be walking together. So that all the moments may be captured, so that the voyage is a smooth one, the first day is an important one.

Guesthouse offers an exclusive rent of the entire house and rooms. Imagine having the entire guesthouse to yourself, enjoying without limits and greeting your guests as if this were your own home villa. And all of that on your wedding day.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

No matter what kind of wedding you may want, church or civil, you may celebrate it in the nearby church of the St. Spirit. The civil wedding may also be held in the rooms of the guesthouse itself, which will conjure up a wedding fairy tale in the embrace of the inner wedding tent or at a beautiful, idyllic location, ancient monastery. In the case of rain, your ceremony may be held at the nearby restaurant.

In an apartment with a view of the vineyards, given to the newlyweds for this day, you may calmly prepare for a long, beautiful day ahead of you. With a cold french champagne, your hearts will be warmed at the very beginning. Not far away, in the 1st floor of the guesthouse, you are awaited restlessly by your guests in the wedding hall, waiting for the civil wedding to begin. After your signatures have been recorded, you may head off to the church of St. Spirit for the church part of the wedding.

In Viola restaurant, during this time, all has been prepared for the festivities. They expect to welcome you happily. A glass of champagne and the guests will slowly head from the terrace to the restaurant itself, where carefully prepared round tables with tablecloths down to the ground await them, glittering crystal, decorated plates, flowers, lush above the tables...