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A wedding with a view

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The fortified castle above a little village of the same name is located on a stony pier with an exceptional view over the Trieste bay and its banks. The valley below is as if it were on the palm of your hand, you may count the streets in Trieste, the beautiful Gradec lagoon glitters behind it, you can see across Koper to Piran and far into the interior of Istria.

Gastronomy at the castle is refined and modern, with its roots in traditions of Istrian and Karst places. Directed by Milan Graj, experienced in protocolary service, the staff in tuxedos and with white gloves serve dishes on selected porcelain with silver, gilded cutlery. The insides of the castle accommodate a smaller group of up to 25 people, while the large courtyards allows the setting up of tents or elegant protection, should the sun be too strong. Cristal glasses on high stems are filled with select wines from a very well stocked wine cellar.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

Many couples in love have spoken their vows on the castle walls. Their memory of the wedding day are photographs with breath taking backgrounds. In springtime and summer days, up to 100 guests can attend weddings at the castle. In agreement with the Koper public administration, the wedding ceremony is prepared, then lord of the castle, Milan uses his sword to knock the bottle cap of champagne across the walls to let the newlyweds toast their wedding.

A wedding at the castle is an unforgettable experience. The castle ambient, the amazing view, with a special romantic note on sunset, top of the line cuisine, best wines and elegant service have made many Slovenian and foreign couples happy. They certainly are reason enough to decide for a wedding at one of the most desired locations in Slovenia.