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Boutique weddings in Slovenia

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This castle is one of the oldest fully preserved testimonies to times past in Slovenia. It is also one of the few castle buildings which has maintained its internal features up to these very days, since the times before world war two. Since 2004 it is a national cultural monument and in the years 2010 – 2012 it has been entirely, professionally renewed. The castle opens its doors mainly to boutique events.

The castle spaces are suitable for smaller, private, business and festive events, but also offer the opportunity of overnight stay in suitably, selectively equipped castle rooms.

The offer of the castle is supplemented by a smaller conference area in the side building with three halls of various sizes, and all visitors are allowed to use the free asphalt parking lot at the foot of the castle hill.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

This castle, due to its position on a minor hill, tower oriented build and consequentially smaller indoor spaces, is suited to wedding events with a smaller number of invited guests. You may choose between a classic and townsfolk wedding protocol.

Of the indoor areas, the one best suited for civil weddings is the Josipa's Salon, which can accommodate 40 persons at most, but it is possible to arrange for the wedding to be held in one of the other castle salons.

The most beautiful summer location is the castle garden terrace with a view over the artificial lake on one and the castle building on the other side.

The fairy tale castle can also be used by newlyweds for wedding photography.

The wedding day at castle can be continued with a lunch or dinner, the content of which is decided on together with the castle cook and sommelier.

The largest area in the castle is the hall which can accommodate 28 persons at a common table, with a slightly smaller salon accommodating 16.