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An emperor's wedding

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Experience the magic, beauty and diversity of Slovenia. Rogaška Slatina is a paradise, removed from the hustle and bustle of big cities; it is protected by magical forests, untainted nature and unique mineral water with healing properties.

In the hearth of the spa park, with well tended walking paths, one can find the beautiful Hotel. In this hotel, nature, history and regal comfort entwine. Centuries old stories come to life in it.


Wedding Ceremony & Party

The state ceremony begins with the beautiful sounds of string instruments in the Tempel Pavilion, in the heart of the spa park, and continues in the elite A la carte Restaurant Kaiser. A soft, elegant space in sunny, caramel colours of autumn, while the exceptional cooking skills, creativity and hospitality of the staff complement a sense of warmth and being at home.

After the end of the celebrations, the newlyweds retreat into a specially prepared wedding apartment, where the first wedding night may be spent with a sparkling glass of golden champagne and unforgettable moments woven into the prettiest fairy tale of their wedding day.

Should the couple want, they may have a church wedding in a small, romantic church of Saint Ann, which is close by.

An Emperor's Wedding in Slovenia

At Rogaška you may live your wedding fairy tale as emperor and empress. Rogaška Slatina hosted some very important individuals in the past, with one of the most prominent certainly being the emperor Franz Josef with his wife Sissi. At Rogaška, they left a significant mark, and are still spoken about to this day.

If you wish to become important persons such as an emperor and an empress for a day, the Emperor's Wedding is the right choice. The package includes:

  • 1rental of Franz Josef and Sissi clothes (bride and groom)
  • 2coach ride
  • 3Baptism of newlyweds with the richest water in the world
  • 4opening of champagne with a sword
  • 5a servant at the disposal of the newlyweds
  • 6rich programme (historical personalities – waiters in costumes)
  • 7open air feast (in the musical Pavilion Tempel, lit by candles and torches)
  • 8depends on the weather and number of participants (up to 40 persons)
  • 9special cuisine from the days of Franz Josef
  • 10medieval knight combat presentation (sword fighting)