The Wedding Theme or Style

Whether you're a style maven or style-challenged, our Wedding Style section will help you narrow down your wedding look and find genius decor ideas to put it all together. Not sure where to begin? Envision a few wedding in Slovenia themes that suit your personal style. Whether it's a vintage look that reminds you of a bygone era or a homespun look that's as comforting as your living room, there are so many options. Also think colors, patterns, and symbols that are meaningful to you: A pretty patterned pillow can inform an entire wedding theme. Your wedding style can also be inspired by your city, the season, and your favorite hobbies. We've even seen weddings themed after songs, children's books, and poems. This is also the time to determine the formality of your wedding in Slovenia. Once you've nailed down your wedding style and formality, it's time to start thinking of creative ways to tie in your theme. Great places to tie in wedding themes include your stationery, lighting design, centerpiece vases, and tablecloths. For example, for formal wedding themes like black-and-white Art Deco, get mirrored vases with simple white flowers, architectural-inspired invitations, and a dramatic gobo light of the famous Chrysler building. Tip for the taking: Don't be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired fall wedding or three-color combo theme to pull off a wedding style as unique as you.

Wedding Theme in Slovenia

Theme creates the flair on your wedding in Slovenia. This is where the drama initially falls in. This is the first yet the longest phase in preparation. All the details should be in coherent with your chosen theme. With a multitude of themes to choose from, you can organize a remarkable wedding to etch in the minds of your visitors forever. Or you can customize your own theme and be original.

Meaningful wedding themes often include things that the couple loves, such as hobbies and interests. Do you love sailing, or anime? Do you have something you love to do as a couple that you want to share with guests?

Our suggestions:

  • White wedding
  • Balloon wedding theme
  • Milkshake wedding theme
  • Vineyard wedding theme
  • Vintage wedding theme
  • Nautical wedding theme
  • Rose wedding theme (flower wedding theme)
  • Chocolate wedding theme
  • Red themed wedding (color wedding theme)
  • Lemon wedding theme (fruit wedding theme)
  • Gold & crystal wedding theme
  • Garden wedding theme
  • Hart wedding theme
  • Black & white wedding theme
  • Movie wedding theme
  • Fairy tail wedding theme
  • Summer, fall, winter, spring wedding theme

It is also important that the theme you choose shall reflect you and your partner’s personality or common hobbies. If you are both sea lover, you can plan for a beach wedding. Find a church that faces the beach and hold your wedding reception on the shores with your guests donning colorful and sexy beach attires. Or if you are the rock and roll type of couple, plan for a black and white wedding. Choose a pub for your wedding reception and have miniature guitars as your giveaways.

The thing about planning a wedding is that you and your partner must mutually agree on this. You will take delight in planning your intimate affair when you are both personally involved. After all, this is your wedding day so have it your way.

You as a couple can incorporate something of your own into the theme you select to make the wedding distinct and reflective of your personalities. Discover which of these popular themes appeal to your identity as a couple:

Country Wedding – Rustic Country Weddings

Getting married in the country can be a very rustic chic type of wedding. Country weddings take shape and are often influenced by the nature that surrounds the area. When planning a country wedding try to find a location that speaks to what type of wedding you would like to have. Remember there are western country weddings, country chic weddings, old southern country weddings and more. Here you can view all of our featured real country weddings that act as the perfect inspiration for weddings in the country.

Lakeside Weddings

Lakeside Weddings – When a rustic lakeside wedding is featured I hear nothing but amazing feedback. Details like lakeside decorating ideas, dresses and invitations can also be found in our collection of amazing real rustic lakeside weddings. Get started by looking at all the lakeside wedding venues and then browse all the details and ideas to make your lakeside wedding come to life.

Rustic Vintage Style Weddings

Vintage Weddings – Inspiration for a rustic vintage wedding can be found in a number of places including all of these real vintage style weddings. Made popular a few years ago by what was called an anthropologie style wedding, vintage rustic weddings now have become common place in the world of wedding styles. From the shabby chic style wedding to the more flea market wedding we feature some of the best and more inspiring rustic vintage weddings.

Beach Wedding

If you and your affianced are laid back and of course love the beach, then this theme is for you. You can have both the ceremony and reception at the beach or have a church ceremony then have the feast by the beach. If the beach is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset, it would be wonderful for that to be a part of your wedding ceremony or reception. In creating a beach-themed wedding, use shades of blue and green as your color motif. Take inspiration from the color of the ocean, the sand, the sky, the coral reefs or the colorful underwater creatures in creating your invitations, wedding favors, and decorations.

Garden Wedding

Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, water fountain, butterflies, and chirping birds can be whimsical and romantic for your wedding. A garden wedding is not too formal and can be intimate. This outdoor type of wedding is less challenging to organize than the beach wedding. Unlike the beach wedding where you need to consider the tides, the weather, and as well as the accessibility for your guests, a garden wedding does not have to be as complex. If you know of a beautiful garden or one where you have fond memories as a couple or maybe you as a child, then book the place.

Although both beach and garden weddings are naturally set outdoors, you and your partner can still have it indoors. Just take inspiration from these places and recreate them in an indoor setting such as a ballroom or in a country club. You may need help from an experienced wedding planner to achieve this without wearing you out.

Fairy Tale Wedding

Magical and dreamy that is what a fairy tale wedding can give. A ballroom with chandeliers, an orchestra to serenade the guests, a towering tiered cake, and the tiara of the bride – all these can make a girl blush. Take inspiration from royal weddings or even from a favorite fairy tale story you grew up with. This theme doesn’t need to be expensive by focusing on one aspect of the wedding where you want to play with the theme the most. For example, you can put all the details of a fairy tale into the table setting that can doubly serve as the décor for the venue as well. No need to splurge on trimmings on the walls.

There are many other themes to explore and many ways to achieve them. With your imagination as the limit, you can never run out of ideas to make your wedding special. Never leave out your personal touch in creating your wedding and mark that special day with you and your partner’s character and style.

Wedding Music
Music for your ceremony and reception has the ability to enhance emotions and create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.
Wedding Reception
Once all the formalities of the ceremony are over your wedding reception is your time to relax with your guests, let your hair down and party!
Wedding Makeup & Hairstyle
Every bride wants to look sensational on the big day and having perfect hair and flawless make-up helps to make you more radiant than ever.
Wedding Ceremony
You have a date in mind and you've determined how formal or casual you'd like your wedding to be, it's time to think about the ceremony.