The Religious Wedding Ceremony

When you think “wedding” of course you see yourself walking down the aisle of a church. No matter what church. The most popular kind of religious ceremony in Slovenia is Catholic Roman ceremony, although Protestant, Orthodox and others are being performed as well. To have a Catholic Roman wedding in Slovenia, at least one of the spouses has to be Roman Catholic, for Roman Church allows weddings between two different Catholic religions (Protestant – Roman, Roman – Orthodox). The Catholic Roman has to get the Confirmation sacrament in order to get married. There are also two witnesses needed.

The ceremony itself is held in churches or chapels (or any consecrated buildings) and it lasts about 45 minutes. The religious ceremony can also bring the legal validity of the marriage. It is called concordat wedding, and to have it you’ll have to bring to the church same documents required by town halls. After your wedding the priests have 5 days to communicate the fact to town hall, which will prepare the act of marriage.

There is a catch though: a person who’s been already married with Roman Catholic rite and then divorced cannot remarry, unless gets the annulment of previous marriage.