Rehearsal Dinner & Post-Wedding Brunch

Include in your wedding package rehearsal dinner and a post-wedding brunch. The rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch serve more pragmatic purposes. Your guest travel from your home country to reach your wedding it is a courtesy to entertain them the night before and the morning after the festivities.

Rehearsal Dinner

Enjoy a relaxing evening with family and friends just at the moment before the two families become one. Capture the moment with a special celebratory dinner. Traditionally, the bride's parents paid for the wedding and the groom's parents took care of the rehearsal dinner. These days, the couple often pays for the rehearsal dinner, especially if both families are footing the wedding bill. The rehearsal dinner is a good time to go over any last minute details with your family and wedding party – just in case someone doesn’t know where and when they are supposed to meet the next morning. A rehearsal-dinner guest list typically includes close family members and anyone participating in the wedding ceremony, plus their spouses or dates.


  • 1Our favorite way to distinguish the rehearsal dinner from the wedding is to make it a casual evening. The convivial atmosphere makes it easier for everyone to get to know one another, paving the way for a really fun wedding.
  • 2Make your rehearsal dinner the complete opposite of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a formal wedding, keep the rehearsal dinner laid-back, casual, and fun.
  • 3If the rehearsal dinner is being held the night before the wedding, make sure it doesn’t stretch into the wee hours. Everyone needs their beauty sleep, and you don’t want your wedding party nursing hangovers on the big day.

Post-Wedding Brunch

The brunch is simply a way to say good-bye and to feed your guests before they go on their way. The brunch guest list is typically the same as that for the rehearsal dinner: parents and close family members and friends. At destination wedding, everyone is invited to the brunch. Guests should receive a written invitation to the brunch along with their initial save-the-date packet or wedding invitation, so they can plan for it.