Winter Wedding in Slovenia

Winter time brings us all indoors, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to your wedding in Slovenia. Holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day add romance, with the chance of snow or a perfect crisp, bright day. Or celebrate new beginnings with a wedding on New Year's Eve adding a splash of glamour with themes like black and white, diamonds or even Hollywood old style glamour.

Here you have a great opportunity to play around with lights as the days are shorter. Beautiful thick church candles create a flickering around the room and casts you in a flattering light. Take every opportunity to adorn your venue with twinkling lights and outdoor torches as people enter the venue.

Winter whites accented with silver or gold are ideal for Christmas weddings, or incorporate holly and winter flowers such as hyacinths and snow drops with icy crystals and diamonds. Serve up mulled wine and roasted meats with hearty soup and Christmas pudding.

Treat your guests to favours like a personalised sachet of hot chocolate or a beaded snowflake to hang on the tree. Or add some humour with woollen mittens for your guest to wear when they light the sparklers outside.

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